About Us

We at Optimal realize our reputation is built upon solid relationships. We aim to differentiate our services from the competition with clear objectives and unparalleled alignment with the industries with which we conduct business. We constantly strive to listen to our clients and learn how we might best serve their individual needs.

Optimal provides turnkey industrial services to the petroleum, petrochemical, specialty chemical, gas processing and paper processing industries with an “elite” group of highly specialized and trained Boilermakers, Pipe Fitters, Specialty Welders, and Catalyst Technicians to assure every turnaround maintains a level of quality surpassing the industry standard. Our elite team has successfully proven over the years to be the best, most organized and efficient team in our industry. Our attention to detail, dedication to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, and persistent drive consistently provides customers with the most successful turnarounds.

Optimal’s highly trained experts handle modifications, repairs, and replacements safely and efficiently. An on-site Optimal Project Manager consults with plant management to guide to project form planning through completion, and to ensure SAFETY at every step.

QUALITY of service shall be a primary objective, with all employees taking pride in the effort to surpass personal and company expectations for successful management of the company’s Quality Program.


  • Completely dedicated project managers who are personally assigned to the project and handle all quality control issues.
  • Implement planning and training procedures to assure both proper execution of the project and proper completion; thus eliminating wasted time and money.
  • Eliminate material waste and unnecessary project cost by utilizing project management’s expertise in attentiveness to every project detail.
  • Having and exemplary attitude of being “The best in the business”. This attitude is personified in all areas of the project from personnel hiring, equipment provisions, and safe working environments.