Catalyst Handling


By providing a multi-crafted workforce, Optimal continues to change the playing field in Catalyst Handling Services and Reactor maintenance within the industry. We ensure that our highly skilled technicians deliver “Optimal” productivity while maintaining a safe work environment.

We provide refineries and petrochemical plants with a complete, ‘blind to blind’ range of services for commissioning and maintaining catalytic reactors, vessels, and columns. Our Catalyst Handling and Mechanical Services are some of the best in the industry, and have access to modern refining technologies through license agreements.

As part of quality planning, specific inspections and test plans are established, and detailed JHA’s are completed to maximize productivity and safety. Each service is customized to solve a specific problem for the client, and we plan and estimate each project with a firm understanding of the work scope and the expectations of a successful project.

We at Optimal feel that we can always get better, thus striving for continuous improvement after each and every project. As part of this effort, after every project we conduct a “Lessons Learned” review to identify further improvements, and best practices for the next project.

Types of Services:

  • Catalyst Unloading (Inert/Non-Inert) – Vacuum or Dump
  • Catalyst Loading (Inert/Non-Inert) – Sock or Dense Loading
  • Catalyst Screening
  • Dense Loading Services (Inert/Non- Inert) – Reformer Tubes or Fixed Beds
  • Video Inspection Services

Types of Units or Vessels:

  • Multi Stage Hydrocracking
  • Residual Desulphurisation (VRDS & RDS)
  • Catalytic Reformers (CCR, Radial, and Axial Flow Platformers)
  • Multi-bed Reactors
  • Sulphur Recovery Units (SRU)
  • Hydrotreaters
  • Isomerization & Penex
  • Pressure Swing Absorbers (PSA)
  • Hydrogen Desulfurization
  • Primary Reformers (Tubular)
  • MTBE Catofin
  • Ammonia Synthesis Converters
  • Methanol Reactors
  • Styrene Reactors
  • Ethylene Oxide, Acrylic Acid, VCM
  • HTS and LTS Converters
  • Primary and Secondary Reformers
  • Many more…