Exchanger Services

Whether it is servicing your Turnaround, Maintenance, or Capital needs, Optimal’s Exchanger Services can provide a “Turn Key” solution for your exchanger requirements. With a fleet of well-maintained, hydraulic bundle extractors that includes Aerials, Truck-mounted units, Crawlers, and self-propelled models; Optimal is prepared for any situation.

Our specialized managers and supervisors are knowledgeable, highly qualified, and respected throughout the industry.

We offer:

  • Turn-Key Services (See Note Below)
  • Field Exchanger Repairs
  • Venting and Plugging Tubes
  • Repair and Installation of Seal Strips
  • Coded Weld Repairs
  • Nozzle Installations
  • Bundle extractions, up to 90" or 165,000 lbs., and up to 34′ length
  • Truck mounted, Crawler, Aerial, and Self-propelled Extractors


With key relationships and Alliances within the Industry, Optimal has the ability to provide the Extraction, Cleaning, Inspection, Repair, and Installation of exchangers as a “Turn Key” service. This offering allows for seamless execution of your exchangers while minimizing cost. We look forward to providing you and your organization with safely executed exchanger services.