Optimal has been setting an industry standard for developing and providing employees and customers with the most advanced safety tools and processes in the industry. We continuously evaluate the health, safety and environmental aspects of our products and services and institutes a “Right to Stop Work” mentality, providing every employee the ability to stop any project if they feel there is a hazard or safety risk. Optimal has invested lots of time and resources into our safety programs to ensure that our employees are receiving the necessary training and tools to be successful in their daily activities.

Our safety performance is a strong indication that this methodology works and we feel that communication is crucial to providing a safe working environment. Our hands-on management approach requires our supervisors, managers, and corporate executives to be thoroughly involved in operations at many different levels. Optimal’s Behavioral Based Safety Program is used to maintain a safety conscious culture through the clear definition of employee responsibility, procedural training, field coaching, and accountability through positive reinforcement and disciplinary action. In 2017, Optimal was recognized by the North Dakota Safety Council and the Golden Triangle Business Roundtable for its safety achievements. This recognition is a huge milestone for Optimal and our employees as it recognizes the safety culture that has been set at Optimal. We worked very hard and spent many hours making sure we met all the requirements to receive such a prestige award and look forward to many more awards as we continue to grow and provide a safe working environment for all of our employees.

“Safety is not just a priority; it is a core value! We want to sustain a zero-incident and zero-recordable safety record. Our personnel are highly trained professionals that possess SAFETY FIRST attitudes and records. We emphasize the importance of being productive while not compromising safety.”



  • Commendation for Safety Award
  • Safety Achievement Award

  • Safety Achievement Award for Sustained Performance- Awarded for three plus years with zero recordable injuries
  • Safety Achievement Award for Years Worked with superior safety record- No lost time incidents and No Fatalities