Tower Field Services

Optimal is a specialty contractor that specializes in the installation of process internals in towers, reactors and drums, and has the experience necessary to perform difficult tray installations and other tower internal projects.

Optimal retains the NBIC “R” stamp for welding alterations and repairs to pressure vessels, we perform the vessel and section replacements, new installation and repairs of nozzles, installation of vessel manways, and shell repairs.

Optimal’s Capabilities:

  • Nozzle repair, replacement & installation
  • Modifications to tray support rings and other welded tower attachments
  • Tray removal, replacement, & installation – all manufacturers tray types
  • Vessel maintenance work
  • Welding Repairs with NBIC “R” Stamp
  • Vessel inspections
  • Blind to blind tower work
  • Opening & closing external and internal manways
  • Tower Packings – We remove, replace, & install random, structured, & grid packings
  • Performing routine vessel maintenance work, such as tray cleaning, hardware replacement
  • On-site tray repairs
  • Supply of replacement hardware and tower internals

Let Optimal’s team assist you with your next installation of grid style packing, distributors, structured packing, vessel inspections, fractionating trays, nozzles, and repairs.